About Us

About Us

Ferman Yatak has begun its activities with the name of Nur-yat as a manufacturer in the furniture sector in 1995. In a short period of time it has achieved to introduce itself in the sector by reaching many clients. Processing in the way of institutionalization, company began production with a registered trademark Ferman in 2004. 

Depending on the conditions of the next day beds- furniture manufacturing company to expand its manufacturing base by focusing on the manufacturing, quality and advanced technology with increased manufacturing machinery in the industry. Increasing market share in many countries Ferman bed every day is also to export their products. National and International Ferman beds in many hotels in Turkey and the world began to be preferred. Ferman Bed, developed by the R & D unit created within the new product and its new design offers comfort and quality to our customers.

The success of our company is customer satisfaction. Awareness of its responsibility, team spirit with the highest quality service, experienced personnel are the shortest and lowest cost by uncovering customer satisfaction and provide a sense of social responsibility.

reveals differences and innovations to improve the people's quality of life. Away from the stress of a happy family and to contribute to the formation of society, it is available for the people of the world's finest and most comfortable bed.

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About us